Are you new to the crypto investing space; or do you own some crypto that you have been waiting for its value to rocket to the moon, like me and many others? Fed up of sitting there just waiting … and waiting … and waiting … like I was?

My solution? I joined an investment platform that offers do-it-for-you crypto and forex trading, often combined with a lucrative referral compensation plan. You sign up, deposit cryptocurrency into a designated wallet and they do the rest for you through trading.

Don’t own any crypto currency? No worries. Keep reading to see how to obtain and/or swap crypto currencies.

#1 DAISY: Decentralized A.I. System


#2 MarketBot: eCommerce cashback service


#3 7K Metals: Diversify with gold & silver


#4 Copy Pro Traders: Copy trades from pro traders


#5 CashFX: Forex trading and learning platform


#6 Auto BTC Builder: Bitcoin payment every hour


Check out these amazing crypto wallets and exchanges

Building a nest egg

The last few months have kept me busy setting up a passive income and building a nest egg.

The Covid pandemic has had the world in its grip. We’re seeing bankruptcies, increasing unemployment, some even fear another financial crisis is looming. Which ever way we go, all of this makes me push hard to get to a financial safe place.

During recent lockdowns, many find it impossible to do their day job and collect a decent wage.
“Work smarter, not harder” is definitely key today.

Raising an income from your home has become increasingly important in order to live a comfortable, sustainable life for yourself and your family. At the top of the page you will find my crypto investing methods that requires minimal effort and a minimal initial investment (starting at $100) to financially secure your future.

Take a look.

Buying Bitcoin and other crypto

Using an exchange website

Setting up a crypto wallet to start crypto investing is pretty easy. Register and create a profile on an exchange website where you will get a digital wallet to safely store your crypto assets. You can buy crypto with your credit/debit card after your identity is confirmed. You will have to upload a picture of your passport, driver’s licence or photo ID, often accompanied by a selfie.

Below are buttons to sign up with either Coinbase or Binance. These 2 exchanges deliver high quality services for any buying, selling or trading crypto and other cryptocurrencies. Follow the short instruction videos on how to set up your account on one of these exchanges.

Clicking on the button below, you will use my referral link and get a bonus after registration.

Use this button to get $10 worth of free Bitcoin upon registration
Use this button to get commission kickback.

Using an app

IMPORTANT NOTICE While Coinbase and Binance will provide you with an excellent service and security, as long as you don’t hold your crypto assets, they aren’t really yours. Keeping your crypto assets in a wallet on your smartphone or computer ensures you hold the private key and that you are control of your own assets. So even if you bought crypto on an exchange, it is always a good idea to transfer your assets to your own wallet.

You can buy crypto simply with your smartphone. Two commonly used apps are Trust Wallet and Exodus.
Watch the videos below on how to set up either app. To get started, you only need one of these apps.

This clip will show you how to transfer funds from an exchange to your personal wallet.

Exchanging crypto currencies

The Exodus app comes with a handy feature to exchange crypto assets. You can for instance exchange Bitcoin for Tron in order to participate in the Daisy crowdfunding platform. 

Open the Exchange feature at the bottom center of the main screen. Then pick the crypto assets you want to exchange. Finally enter an amount, press the “Exchange now” button and wait for the exchange to complete.

Link to the Exodus website will open in a new screen

What ís Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency used to make online payments or as a store of value, often referred to as “digital gold“. 

It is a technology that revolutionises the way we see finance. And its underlying technology, blockchain technology, holds even greater promise.

In this short clip, more advantages of Bitcoin and the underlying blockchain technology are explained.

To the mainstream media, the volatility of Bitcoin and its price peaks might be its most notorious traits, but let’s look at Bitcoin’s lowest values over the years for a change, and see that despite whatever setback, Bitcoin has always come back stronger than ever.

Past performance is of course no guarantee of future results. Yet the underlying support for Bitcoin is strong and future predictions are overall positive.



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