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DAISY Crowd funding model

DAISY is a crowd funding model, currently crowd funding the Daisy AI Project. The Daisy AI Project will make a huge leap in AI performance. Both initiatives are ran by the same company, Endotech, a global fintech company from Israel. Crowd funding means that you will not only gain from their trading profits, you will also receive equity stock in the company that is developing this revolutionary Daisy AI project.

Sample earnings 1

Sample earnings 2

Entry levels

Referral plan

Using Tether (USDT)

The DAISY platform is running on the TRON blockchain, and is funded using Tether (USDT-TRC20). You’ll need to buy USDT or convert from Bitcoin to USDT. To sign up for DAISY and to log in on the back office, you will need the TronLink app. Follow the videos for instructions.

Contributing to DAISY

The entry level tier is $100. If you want to upgrade to a higher tier, you need to purchase the tiers below that one as well. So for instance, if you step in at tier 3, you will have to purchase tiers 1 through 3, so that’s $100 + $200 + $400 = $700 worth of USDT.

Using a VPN

Using a VPN is always a good idea. DAISY is not available in the US, Korea or Iran. 

High returns, even without referring

How does DAISY work?

Working with Tron and the TronLink (PRO) app

Create a TRX and a USDT -TRC20 wallet

Freeze Tron for Bandwidth and Energy

Can you afford NOT to get in?

Click the button to copy the registration link to your clipboard. Then paste it in the TronLink or Klever browser.


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